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Hello readers,

I'm very excited to unveil and welcome you to ALHIKMAH BLOG, a subsidiary of Alhakeem Bookstore.

Okay, you might want to know what Alhakeem and Alhikmah mean, right?

  1. Al-hikmah: An Arabic word (الحكمة) meaning wisdom. So, Alhikmah Blog would mean 'Wisdom Blog'. Cool, yeah?

  2. Al-hakeem: (الْحَكِيمُ) Also an Arabic word derived from the root word 'Al-hikmah', meaning 'The wise'

So, dear Alhikmah tribe, dear readers, dear writers, everyone is welcome to share his/her ranting, book review, book recommendation, analysis, noise, whatever.

Let people benefit from you.

Just send me the content, and I'll upload it here.

Thank you, and stay blessed.